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    Grestok Wireless DoorBell Chime Kit | 32 Tunes | Multi-Function DoorBell

    ₹1,599.00 ₹2,499.00 Out of stock

    Important ! This listing DOES NOT include a Mobile Phone/ AirPods/ Smart Watch/ iPad/ MacBook. Images used are for better understanding about the device compatibility of the accessory.
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    White - GS50008  


    Grestok Multi-Function DoorBell with LED indicator, 1 Receiver & 1 Transmitter button , 32 Music Ringtones, Panic / Emergency button for elderly, Long distance coverage, No Wiring required.


    • Ultra-long wireless. The strong and stable wireless signal ensures that you will never miss any visitors even if you are in a big house with several rooms and the wireless doorbell can be operated with 32 optional ringtones with high volume level. Whether upstairs or basement.

    • Doorbell Receiver & Push Button Expandable, different transmitters can be set to different tunes. With multiple wireless door bells you can configure each door with a different ringtone. Know exactly which door your visitors are calling from. It's convenient for homes or offices with multiple entry points

    • This Wireless doorbells without any cables. Simply peel and stick the button then plug-in the receiver. The doorbell push button with colourful LED flash light is waterproof and weatherproof. Multiple use for home, office, garage, store, office, apartments, villas, garden, hospital, school the disabled people etc

    • The wireless doorbell has compact design and easy to use, plug receiver won’t block other sockets and does not interfere with other equipment in your home.

    • The doorbell push button has a waterproof rating to ensures the perfect usage in rainy days and ensure that it is suitable for different areas of different climates

    • Resetting the Bell Module: Plug the device into the power outlet while pressing and holding the "Volume" and "Music+" buttons simultaneously.. When you turn on the power, the LED begins to blink.. Hold the buttons down for five seconds until the blinking LED becomes stable, the bell rings twice, and the reset is complete. Then, pair the bell and button again.



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