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    AsomeiT AsomeBot, Biped Robot, Educational Robot, SW Teaching aid

    ₹14,999.00 ₹19,999.00

    Important ! This listing DOES NOT include a Mobile Phone/ AirPods/ Smart Watch/ iPad/ MacBook. Images used are for better understanding about the device compatibility of the accessory.
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    White - ASOMEIT_BOT  


    AsomeBot, Biped Robot, Educational Robot, a SW Teaching aid Based on Physical Computing.


    • An AsomeBot that recognizes the distance and is the biped walking robot! You can coding new movements and functions through putting huge imagination into this small robot. Activate newly created motions using your smartphone.
    • Teaching aid for learning coding. (requires students to learn code to control it). Dancing, running, avoiding obstacles, robot wrestling
    • Built-in ultrasonic sensor, servo motor, WiFi. Can be controlled wirelessly using a standalone app on the smartphone, Wi-fi 2.4Hz /n, 3.3v. Antenna : Sends and receives signals via WiFi.
    • Eyes : Measure distance to avoid obstacles.
    • Brain & Muscles: Smart OS that allows the creation of various movements. Able to walk, run and dance on two legs.



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